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Miami Longboard Community

Source: Miami Police/CBS4) In this sequence of blurry surveillance video images, Rene Betancourt is seen skateboarding near a wall, and then hitting it. The final image shows him lying, unconscious, on the ground after hitting the wall.

Betancourt Injured By Skateboarding Fall, Not Beating

The story stunned South Florida for its brutality. Rene Betancourt, found in his car beaten so badly doctors were not sure he would live, taken to the hospital by his family who begged for help in finding his attackers. But as CBS4 learned on Friday, there were no attackers and there was no beating.


Rene Betancourt leaves JMH on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 after being nearly beaten to death on July 6. (CBS4)

Beaten Miami Man Released From Hospital

A young South Florida man brutally beaten and left for dead in downtown Miami was released from the hospital Tuesday morning.



Skateboarding Fundraiser Held For Beaten Miami Man

In the midst of Friday night foot traffic on Miami Beach, longboarders beat the pavement with purpose.