Miami Gardens

Courtroom Gavel

Two Convicted For Involvement In Tax Refund Fraud Scheme

Two men, after a 10-day trial, have been convicted for their involvement in a tax refund fraud scheme that resulted in cashing thousands of dollars in tax refund checks.


Source: AP (Josh Anderson)

Coworker Of Slain Miami Gardens Clerk Speaks

The coworker of a clerk gunned down outside a Miami Gardens food market said he heard the gunshots just before his shift change.


Crime scene tape (Source: CBS4)

Miami Gardens Clerk Gunned Down Heading To Work

Police are investigating a fatal shooting of a store clerk outside a Miami Gardens food market on Friday.


Trukita Scott  (Source: Al Livingston)

Prayer Concert Held For Missing Mom

Family and friends of Trukita Scott hosted a prayer concert in her honor Saturday.


Fiji the chihuahua was rescued from her owner's hot car. She is now in foster care. (Source: CBS4)

Dog Left Inside Hot Car Gets A New Home

A dog, saved by police after being left inside his former owner’s hot car, has found a new home.


Natalia Nieto is accused of leaving her small dog inside a hot car parked. (Source: Miami-Dade Mugs)

Small Dog Left In Hot Car Lands Owner In Jail

A 27-year-old woman who police say left her small dog inside her hot car while she feasted with family members at a nearby buffet restaurant, now faces one criminal count of animal cruelty.


Miramar Robbery (Source: Miramar Police)

Duo Sought In Miramar Robberies

Two men, one of which brandished a shotgun at a store clerk, have been tied to at least three robberies in Miramar.


Just outside of Shorty's Cafeteria, shutdown after a fire, the family who owns the place sold food to help raise money, vowing to reopen the venue. (Source: CBS4)

Owner’s Family, Friends Step In To Help Reopen Restaurant

Just outside of a restaurant, shutdown after a fire, family and friends of the 23-year old restaurant owner sold food to help raise money to reopen the venue.


A Miami Gardens restaurant was destroyed in an intentionally set fire early Wednesday morning. (Source: CBS4)

Community Helps Restaurant Owners As Arsonist Search Continues

The family that lost their restaurant to arson is now vowing to reopen again—and they’ve been getting some help from the community to do so.


A Miami Gardens restaurant was destroyed in an intentionally set fire early Wednesday morning. (Source: CBS4)

Miami Gardens Restaurant Destroyed In Fire

Arson investigators and Miami Gardens police are searching for a Christmas Eve firestarter.