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Miami Dade Animal Services


Record Number Of Pets Adopted At MDAS Event

A record number of dogs and cats found their “fur”-ever home during a weekend adoption extravaganza at Miami-Dade Animal Services.


Lily the dog was severely burned and continues to be rehabilitated in a hyperbaric chamber. (Source: CBS4)

Veterinarians, Rescuers Work To Save Severely Injured Dog

A beagle mix named Lily is fighting for her life, missing skin and tissue on forty percent of her body.


(Source: CBS4)

Local Shelter Holds Farewell Party For Dogs

Several dogs were bid farewell Saturday morning as the owner-less pooches left the Magic City for New York in hopes of eventually finding a forever home.

CBS Miami–06/22/2013

Dog And Kitten CatDL

Miami-Dade Votes OK On No-Kill Animal Shelter

Miami-Dade County Commissioners, on Tuesday, voted to approve The Pets’ Trust, a popular citizen initiative that could save the lives of thousands of unwanted pets.

CBS Miami–06/18/2013

Miami-Dade Animal Services have identified the man and woman caught on video responsible for stealing Django, a Belgian Malinois, from the shelter on May 14th. (Source: MDAS)

Miami-Dade Police Identify Dognapping Duo

Police have identified a man captured on surveillance video stealing a dog from a Miami-Dade shelter.

CBS Miami–06/04/2013

(Source: CBS4)

Man Kills Pit Bull To Thwart Attack

A sixty-eight-year-old Hialeah man says he was forced to stab a Pit Bull mix who was attacking him and his cat inside his home because, “I could have been killed if I didn’t do it.”


Miami-Dade Animal Services is looking for Django, a Belgian Malinois, stolen from the shelter on May 14th. (Source: MDAS)

Miami-Dade Animal Services Looking For Dog Stolen From Shelter

Miami-Dade Animal Services is looking for a man and woman thought to have stolen a dog from its enclosure at the shelter.



Dogs Rescued From Cruel Game Called “Trunking”

Ten dogs are now safe after they were saved from what is believed to have been part of a cruel trend in dog fighting called “trunking.”


(Source: Miami-Dade Animal Services)

Top Spots To Adopt A Pet In Miami

Everyone falls victim to puppy love and kitty cuteness from time to time, but only on rare occasions do potential pet owners succumb and commit to a furry forever family. When it’s time to do it, to find your family’s next fur baby, it’s time to adopt. Finding the right agency doesn’t have to be a hard-fought search; these are Miami’s best pet adoption options, full of furry fellas ripe for the pickin’.


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Best Volunteer Opportunities For Kids In Miami

Help kids steer clear of negative influences by surrounding them with altruism at some of the best area organizations. These groups welcome children, not just teens and adults, and encourage them to learn to give back by doing everything from walking pets to learning the ins and outs of running a museum.