Heat fans snatch up merchandise before Game 7 of the NBA Finals. (CBS4)

Heat Fans Stock Up On “White Hot” Gear Ahead Of Game 7

In a city where style is sport, Miami Heat fans are stocking up on “white hot” gear ahead of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.


The Miami Marlins unveiled their new logo and uniforms Friday night. (Source:

Miami Marlins Gear Hot Seller In Dade

The Florida Marlins is officially the Miami Marlins and new merchandise has already hit South Florida stores, with a chance for fans to meet their favorite Marlins player.


The new Marlins logo was unveiled on Nov. 11, 2011 at a VIP event. (Source: CBS4)

It’s Official: New Logo, Uniforms For The New Miami Marlins

It’s official: Miami has a new baseball team with a new home, but there are a lot of familiar faces. Say goodbye to the Florida Marlins, and say hello to the Miami Marlins.


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Borders Books Liquidation Sales Begin

If you’re looking for some great deals on books, then you should check out Borders Books because liquidators are starting going-out-of-business sales Friday.


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Man Arrested For Selling Counterfeit NBA Merchandise

For allegedly selling about $127 worth of counterfeit NBA posters and photographs, Freddie McCrae is sitting jail with a $7,000 bond.


Highway Hijackers Target Cargo

It’s become the new Miami vice. Cocaine Cowboys turned to Highway Hijackers, and it is now the costliest crime in America.

This crime means more in losses in America than every robbery, larceny, grand theft and burglary combined, but few people have ever heard about it.

The CBS4 I-Team uncovered what some cops call America’s next big Homeland Security crisis.