Doctors Use 3D Printed Heart To Plan Surgery For 4-Year-Old

A 4-year-old, born with a rare congenital heart disease, has a better chance at a normal life thanks to doctors, and a 3D model printed of her heart.


(Source: MCH)

Fit Friday: ‘Lose To Win’ Participants Meet Weight Loss Goals

Last February, CBS4’s Vanessa Borge visited Miami Children’s Hospital for a Fit Friday special featuring a weight-loss program, called Lose to Win, offered to employees.


Clown from Big Apple Circus’s Clown Care Program entertaining at MCH. (Source: CBS4)

The Healing Power Of Humor Used For Sick Children

Sick kids are no laughing matter, but the Big Apple Circus’s Clown Care Program uses the healing power of humor to help kids at Miami Children’s Hospital.

CBS Miami–06/03/2014

Miami Children’s Hospital’s has opened 20 new exam rooms in their Emergency Department as part of an expansion project.   (Source: Miami Children's Hospital)

Miami Children’s Hospital Expands Emergency Department

No parent likes to wait for medical attention when their child is in pain. To better serve the community, Miami Children’s Hospital’s has opened 20 new exam rooms in their Emergency Department as part of an expansion project.



Fit Friday: Lose To Win

A South Florida hospital is giving its employees a new start at life as well.

CBS Miami–02/07/2014

Bella Rodriguez-Torres (Source: Raymond Rodriguez-Torres)

MCH & “Live Like Bella” Team Up To Announce “Bella’s Promise”

At just 10-years-old, Bella Rodriguez-Torres managed to inspire thousands with her smile and positive attitude despite a tumultuous battle with cancer. Bella passed away in May, but today—on her birthday—her name and spirit lives on in the hearts of many.


Miami Children's Hospital (Source: CBS4)

Miami Children’s Hospital Gets OK For Labor & Delivery Unit

In an issue that has been controversial among South Florida hospitals, the House on Monday approved a bill that would allow Miami Children’s Hospital to open a 10-bed labor and delivery unit.

CBS Miami–04/29/2013


Sleep And Your Newborn

A newborn is simultaneously one of the most joyful and stressful events in nearly every parents’ lives. Miami Children’s Hospital provided the following information about what to expect when your bundle of joy drifts off to sleep.



Finding Miami Children’s Hospital Locations

If you’ve tried all of the best home remedies you can come up with, it may be time to go to the hospital. As part of an advertising campaign, Miami Children’s Hospital has provided the following list of all of its centers where you can get urgent care whenever you need it.



Wine, Women & Shoes Collide For Charity

Wine, Women and Shoes; a winning combination to raise money for Miami Children’s Hospital.