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2012 Year Ender: A Look Back At The Local Economy

The rising price of gas, Facebook’s stumble on Wall Street and the end of the Twinkie made business headlines nationwide. Here in South Florida improved tourism, improved real estate values and new local construction projects were the talk of the town in the business community.



Economic Fourth Quarter Begins With Clouded Forecast

October 1st isn’t the official start of fall, but it does mark the beginning of the economic fourth quarter. And in 2012, there are some encouraging signs the U.S. recovery continues to see limited gains, but there are also lingering signs some old problems are not going away soon enough.


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Al’s 4th Quarter Economic Forecast

At the start of the 4th Economic Quarter, there are encouraging signs the U-S Recovery continues to see limited gains. But there are also lingering signs some old problems are not going away soon enough. […]


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Fiscal 4th Quarter Begins With Mixed Results

The fourth fiscal quarter has gotten off to a rocky start on Wall Street; but there are new signs the U.S. economy is improving, even if it’s just minor gains.


Al’s Fourth Quarter Financial Forecast/ Financial Strategies

If you haven’t checked your calendar lately, don’t be surprised to see we’re now in the Fourth Quarter and well on our way towards closing out 2011. And despite a rocky October start on Wall […]


Double Dip Recession headed Our Way?

Broward accountant Shawny Reid’s use to adding up numbers. And she thinks the current numbers out of the U-S Economy all add up to the same thing. Reid says “Oh yeah, definitely, we’re going to […]


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Al’s Fall Preview: Markets & Economy Improvements Expected

We’ve seen a brutal slump on Wall Street since earlier in the Summer. The major indexes are all showing across the board losses over the past few weeks. The Dow alones’ dropped about 1000 points […]


Rising Gas Bills: Family Budgets Stretched

There are growing signs rising gas prices are starting to hurt family budgets and it’s only a matter of time before consumer spending cuts start severely impacting the National Economic Recovery. Miami Driver Kenny Shuman’s […]