Jim & Muriel Sitton announce they are expecting another baby. (Source: CBS4)

Thanksgiving: Finally A Reason For The Sittons To Celebrate

Six-year old Makayla Sitton loved to sing. But her angelic voice was silenced four-years ago when she was murdered in a Thanksgiving day massacre at her home in Jupiter.


Pedro Vargas, the Hialeah gunman who shot and killed six people, was eventually killed by police. 
(Source: Hialeah Police)

Community Still Trying To Process Hialeah Massacre

Hialeah Police are still trying to determine what led Pedro Vargas to go on one of the worst shooting rampages in recent South Florida history. Vargas killed shot and killed six people Friday night before being killed himself.


(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Scottish Tennis Star Andy Murray Has Adopted Miami As 2nd Home

Tennis star Andy Murray has made Miami his home away from home.


Students leave Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut after shooting. (Source: CBS)

Worst Page Ever Printed: List Of 20 Kids, 8 Adults Killed In Shooting

Investigators in Connecticut are facing a gruesome task of identifying victims, the majority of them children, of a deadly elementary school shooting in the sleepy community of Newtown.


(SOURCE: CNN) Police officers in Port St. John armed as part of a SWAT stand offwhere a mother apparently killed her 4 children then killed herself.

Brevard Mom Kills 4 Kids, Herself

Three kids ran to a neighbor’s house in PortSt. John Tuesday morning, saying their mom had shot them. Mom called them, and they went back home, where police said they were shot dead by their mother before she took her own life.


An Afghan elder (R) talks during Afghan President Hamid Karzai's meeting with relatives of the Kandahar incident victims at the Presidential Palace in Kabul on March 16, 2012. President Hamid Karzai on March 16, accused the US of failing to cooperate over an investigation into the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers blamed on a lone US army sniper. (Photo by: MASSOUD HOSSAINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Afghan Massacre Suspect Lived In S. Fla. For A Time

U.S. military officials released the name of the soldier suspected of massacring 16 Afghan civilians and it turns out, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales had lived in South Florida for a brief time.



Two Years After The Jupiter Thanksgiving Massacre

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday where families get together and celebrate the good times but for a South Florida family, it’s a day of sorrow and pain.



Lawsuit Filed In Deadly Thanksgiving Rampage

Nearly two years after a six-year-old South Florida girl, and three others, were killed in a Thanksgiving Day massacre, the family of the youngest victim has filed a lawsuit.


Paul Mehrige in the back of a US Marshal's service van after his arrest in Long Key. The picture was snapped by a crew for the TV program America's Most Wanted. (Source: America's Most Wanted)

Parents Could Have Stopped Mehrige Massacre, Lawsuit Claims

The parents of a six year old girl killed in the Thanksgiving 2009 shooting spree for which Paul Merhige faces multiple murder charges dropped a bombshell Wednesday when they said they would sue his mother and father. The suit will claim the parents had ‘some sense’ Mehrige might kill at the family gathering, but did nothing to stop him or warn others.



Trial Date Set For Thanksgiving Massacre Suspect

A trial date has been set for the South Florida man charged with killing four family members on Thanksgiving Day in 2009.