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Fruity Cocktails To Beat The Summer Heat

Lemonade may be a great thirst quencher in the hot, hot heat of summer time, but get creative this year with some drinks that are a bit more fun.



Top Spots For Margaritas In South Florida

South Florida has world-class frozen and rocks margarita options. Some of the best margaritas can be found at: Margarita Cafe Incorporated, Paquito’s, Pearl, Carlos & Pepe’s Cantina, and Via Luna Bar.


This mother was outraged after her son was accidentally served alcohol at an Olive Garden restaurant in Lakeland. (Source: CBS4)

Toddler Accidentally Served Sangria At Lakeland Restaurant

Just days after it was reported that toddler was served a margarita instead of apple juice at an Applebee’s restaurant in Michigan, a central Florida mother has come forward to say her two year old son was accidentally served sangria instead of orange juice at an Olive Garden restaurant in Lakeland.



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