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Boaters Urged To Slow For Manatees

South Florida boaters are being reminded to take it easy in the Intracoastal Waterway and other inland waters because manatees are still in their yearly migration.


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Manatees Return To N. Florida Spring After Cleanup Project

The sea cows have returned to a North Florida spring after environmental officials spent nearly $100,000 on a project to coax them in.


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Manatees Seek Warm Water Refuge

South Florida’s cold weather not only has residents and visitors shivering, it has the manatee population seeking warmer water in order to survive.


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Cold Snaps Took Toll On Manatee Numbers Once Again

South Florida’s often quick by severe cold snaps have taken their toll on the state’s manatee population once again.


MIAMI - MARCH 15: A member of the Marlins Manatees performs as the United States takes on the Netherlands during round 2 of the World Baseball Classic at Dolphin Stadium on March 15, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The United States eliminated the Netherlands 9-3. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Report: Marlins Manatees Dancing No More

The Marlins franchise has had little to cheer about in recent years, except for the fun-natured, round mound of plus-sized cheerleaders known as the Manatees; but those days look to be over.



Boaters: Broward’s New Manatee Regs Now In Effect

Boaters in Broward will now have to keep it ‘low and slow’ all week long to protect migrating manatees.


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New Manatee Rules To Slow Broward Boaters

Beginning this Tuesday boaters in Broward will have to keep it ‘low and slow’ all week long to protect migrating manatees.



Manatees Split On Super Bowl Picks

A pair of prognosticating sea cows on the west coast have split when it comes to who they think will win the Super Bowl.



Survey: Almost 5,000 Manatees In Fla.

Florida’s manatee population appears to be higher than usual this year. A recent survey showed almost 5,000 manatees in the state.


A group picture of the Florida Marlins Manatees squad in 2008.

Marlins Audition For Mermaids, Manatees

The Florida Marlins hold auditions Sunday for next season’s Mermaid and Manatees dance squads.