Luis Posada Carriles


Cuba Arrests Four Exiles From Miami, Accused Of Plotting Terrorist Acts

Cuba’s Interior Ministry has announced that four Cuban exiles from Miami were arrested after they allegedly planned to carry out terrorist attacks on military installations.



Posada Carriles Hopes To Escape From Castro’s “Terrorist” Label

He has been called one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, but Luis Posada Carriles insists he concentrates on art, not terror


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Cuban Militant Says Trial A Bitter Pill

An elderly ex-CIA operative and longtime Fidel Castro foe spoke to reporters Wednesday for the first time since being acquitted on federal terrorism-related charges following an 11-week trial.


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Acquitted Cuban Militant Posada Is Miami Bound

During an 11-week trial that featured a seemingly endless parade of 24 witnesses, federal prosecutors meticulously presented the U.S. government’s case against an elderly ex-CIA agent from Cuba accused of lying during immigration hearings.


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Cuban Ex-CIA Agent Posada Acquitted In Texas Perjury Case

A Texas jury has found an elderly ex-CIA agent from Cuba not guilty of all 11 counts of perjury, obstruction and immigration fraud.


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Ex-US Diplomat Calls Reporter Biased In Posada Case

A conservative former U.S. diplomat testified in federal court Friday saying that an ex-New York Times reporter at the center of an anti-communist militant’s perjury trial is biased against Cuban-Americans, especially those who oppose Fidel Castro.


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Ex-CIA Agent’s Attorneys Say Reporter Exaggerated Bomb Plan

Attorneys for a former CIA operative on trial for perjury argued Friday that a journalist exaggerated when she reported that their client admitted planning deadly 1997 bombings at Cuban tourists sites.


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Lawyers Of Anti-Castro Agent Accuse US Of Luring Client

Lawyers for a former CIA agent charged with perjury grilled a Miami-based attorney, saying she granted him an immigration hearing because she was helping prosecutors gather evidence against him.


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Jury Selection Continues At Cuban Militant’s Trial

Jury selection continues Tuesday at the Texas trial of Cuba’s public enemy No. 1, anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles.


Luis Posada Carriles (CBS)

Fidel Castro Foe Goes On Trial

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of 82-year-old Luis Posada Carriles. Posada is an anti-Castro Cuban exile and former CIA operative.