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Lucky Money Jackpot Hits $1.9M

The Lucky Money jackpot is now at $1.9 million after no winner claimed the jackpot.


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Unclaimed $12 Million Lotto Ticket Expires Soon

An unclaimed Florida Lotto ticket worth $ 12 million is set to expire on Christmas Day.


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Time Is Running Out To Claim $12 Million Lotto Ticket

Time is running out for someone who bought a Florida Lotto ticket last June in Miami which is worth $12 million.


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‘Lucky Money’ Jackpot Now $800K

No winner claimed the “Lucky Money” jackpot which is now worth $800, 000.


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One Ticket Wins $1.1 Million Lucky Money Jackpot

A Pembroke Pines store sold the winning ticket for the $1.1 million Lucky Money jackpot.


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1 Lucky Money Player Wins Jackpot Of $850K

One “Lucky Money” player hit the jackpot and won $850,000 after matching 4-of-4 numbers.


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Lucky Money Jackpot Rises To $600,000

“Lucky Money” players lucked out after there were no winning tickets to claim the jackpot.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

Powerball, Florida Lottery Rolls Over

Florida Lotto and Powerball players are hoping they’ll have better luck this Wednesday to win lots of cash as the jackpots for both games have rolled over.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

Florida Lotto Jackpot Rises To $11 Million

Perhaps you didn’t win this time but might as well give the Florida Lotto game another shot as the jackpot has grown to $11 million.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

Five “Fantasy 5″ Players Win Jackpot

A happy Friday for five “Fantasy Five” game players whose tickets match all of the numbers to win the game’s jackpot.





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