Losing Weight


Can “Chilling Out” On Ice Diet Help Lose Weight?

We’ve all heard of the low-carb diet, and the high-protein diet. But what if all the exercise and healthy eating wasn’t enough? Could adding “cold” to your life help you lose that unwanted fat? Some people say it can if you follow the “ice diet.”



Go Primal & Lose Weight With Caveman Cuisine

If you’re looking for a new way to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or lower your blood pressure, all you need to do is go primal.



Virtual Lap-Band Procedure Could Help Some Lose Weight

Gastric band surgery helps people lose weight but it can be a scary surgery. So imagine losing weight without having to go under the knife. Now, there’s a new procedure that uses hypnosis to help people shed the pounds and your mind thinks the surgery is real.


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Is A Pregnancy Hormone Diet Safe?

It seems to always be the number one New Year’s resolution, to lose weight. And this year many men and women are turning to a pregnancy hormone diet that severely restricts calories.



Laser May Provide Weight Loss Help

The New Year Could Bring a New You through a medical procedure that promises to attack areas that may be a little too big without ever going under the knife.



Ice Cube Diet Promises To Melt Pounds Away

If you’re looking to get rid of all those holiday pounds you’ve packed on, there’s a new diet trend that’s not hot, but cold. It’s called the Ice Cube Diet, but these are no ordinary ice cubes.


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FDA Panel Recommends Approval For Experimental Diet Drug

A federal advisory committee on Tuesday recommended approval of what could become the first new prescription diet pill in more than a decade.