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More Turbulent Times For American Airlines With Loose Pilot’s Seat

American Airlines had another midair seat problem with a flight headed to Miami but the airline is confident it’s close to solving all the problems despite the cancellation of dozens of flights.


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AA Cancels Dozens Of Flights, Airline Confirms Cause Of Seat Issues

Tensions are high at Miami International Airport and airports around the country as American Airlines cancelled dozens of flights due to seats that could potentially pop loose during flight.


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AA Confirms Third Flight Had Seat Issues

Two Miami bound American Airlines flights which were forced to make unscheduled landings after rows of seats became loose, may be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


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Miami-Bound AA Flight With Loose Seats Returns To NYC

A Miami bound flight was forced to return to John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday after a row of seats became loose shortly after takeoff.