Lionel Tate

(CBS4 photo) Lionel Tate as he appears today

Focus on South Florida – Lionel Tate Speaks Out

CBS4 Chief I-Team Investigator Michele Gillen talks about her exclusive interview with Lionel Tate, the South Florida man who became the youngest person ever to be sentenced to life without parole.  

My TV 33–10/03/2011


I-Team: Lionel Tate Talks From Behind Bars

The first 12-year old in America to be sentenced to life in prison without parole, speaks for the first time, from behind bars, with CBS4 Chief Investigative Reporter Michele Gillen.


Michele Gillen talks with Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate Talks

Michele Gillen talks to Lionel Tate, the youngest American child sent to prison for life.