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Red Light Camera 625 (Source: CBS4)

More Automatic License Plate Readers Popping Up Across South Florida

If you’ve ever driven through Broward County, there’s a slight chance that you’ve been watched. In parts of northern Broward County, license plates are tracked by computers every time a car passes by. These systems have been in use for several years now.


This new design was chosen to be the official state tag beginning next year. (Source: FDOT via The Miami Herald)

Florida Drivers, Meet Your New License Plate

Meet the license plate that will adorn your vehicle for many years. Florida voters selected the green-rimmed, leafed-orange winner in a poll of about 50,000 online voters.


(Source: CBS4)

Information About You May Be Stored In Secret Databases

It’s possible information about you, where you’re going and places you stop, is being recorded and saved in secret national databases.


(Source: Vanessa Borge/CBS4)

“Animal Friend” Plates Fund Local Animal Shelters

Our pets do so much for us. So why not do something for them?

CBS Miami–08/04/2012

Peter Pappas, 11, is being hailed a hero after helping police arrest a suspected hit & run driver in Tamarac. (CBS4)

Broward Boy Praised After Aiding In Arrest Of Alleged Hit & Run Driver

A Coral Springs boy is being praised by authorities for his role in catching an accused hit and run driver.


Florida License Plates

Specialty License Plate Sales Slide

Could it be another sign of our economic times – sales of specialty license plates in Florida are on the decline.


Florida Confederate Tag

Judge Brings Confederate Tags Closer To Reality

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have won a free speech case against the state of Florida over the creation of a specialty license plate.