Lester’s Diner

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Top South Florida Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year and feast with the ones you love at one of South Florida’s favorite restaurants.


Lester's Diner

Best Diners In South Florida

What constitutes a great diner these days? So many venues reach to be authentic, and will import old furniture, or bring in a pre-1987-only jukebox. But is it just the age? The clientele? Cheap prices? Whatever the formula is, these diners and coffee shops have a selective charm that many have found and loved.


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Best Bets For Dining Out On Easter In Miami

Hunting for eggs sometimes seems easier than finding a quality meal on Easter. This year, we’ve got you covered with this rundown of best eats on Easter Sunday in Miami. Trust us, you’ll spend more time trying to find those eggs.