‘I Couldn’t Watch Him Die’: Abandoned Puppy Rushed To Vet For Surgery After Dog AttackAn abandoned 3-month-old puppy is recovering from life-threatening injuries after being attacked by another dog.
Dog Recovering After Hit By Car, Shot TwiceA dog found shot and neglected is getting some desperately needed care thanks to a South Florida rescue group, but those rescuers say there are many more dogs like her and the problem is getting worse.
Dog Forced From Car With Broken Jaw Recovering After SurgeryA dog seen forced from a car has been given surgery and is recovering from a broken jaw.
Pembroke Pines Police Dog Walking Again After Surgery Shak has spent the last five years going after criminals and sniffing out drugs, but now, the longtime police dog is off-duty, recuperating from surgery and regaining his strength .
Injured Whippet Gets Help Through Social Media For Toby, it's a good day when he can just lounge in the sun. He's come a long way in the past two-weeks. He was hit by a car after learning how to open the front door.

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