Judge Steve Leifman

Forgotten Floor (Source: CBS4)

The ‘Forgotten Floor’ Closes

They are cells stained with secrets of decades past ,of muffled screams and broken dreams.



Hope For Mentally Disturbed Inmates: ‘Forgotten Floor’ May Become A Memory

For nearly a decade CBS4 News has been telling viewers of Miami-Dade County jail’s “Forgotten Floor.” It’s a facility where the mentally ill inmates are warehoused on steel beds, concrete floors, cowering naked in their cells.


Judge Steve Leifman/Miami-Dade County (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: The Forgotten Floor

The entire half hour of this week’s “Focus on South Florida” showcases the latest developments in CBS4 Chief Investigator Michele Gillen’s expose of the 9th floor of the Dade County jail, the so-called “forgotten floor”, where inmates suffering from mental illness are housed.

My TV 33–08/26/2013

Miami-Dade Jail 9th Floor (Source: CBS4)

CBS4’s Michele Gillen Revisits The “Forgotten Floor”

There is heightened scrutiny over the Miami-Dade jail and the treatment of inmates in facilities across the county.


Franklin Rosario (Source: CBS4)

CBS4 Investigates: Soldier Battling PTSD Ends His Life

A South Florida soldier battling post-traumatic stress disorder whose struggles were previously profiled by CBS4 News has taken his own life.