Focus on South Florida: "Let's Talk it Out" A disturbing trend in South Florida is putting all of our children in potential danger. An increase in youth violence here has resulted in teens killing teens, sometimes with guns brought to school, and teens committing suicide as a result of bullying. "Let's Talk It Out" is a program whose goal it is to introduce simple techniques to youth and teens to resolve conflicts. We focus on the program, how it works, and if it’s helping.
Workshop Aims To Tone Down Teen ViolenceWith teen violence and bullying seemingly on the rise, local schools are fighting back. Thursday a group of students at Booker T. Washington High School participated in a conflict resolution work shop called “Lets Talk It Out.”
Focus On S. Florida: Bullying & Sex AbuseJonathan Spikes grew up in Miami’s Scott Projects, a young victim who endured an abusive relationship at the hands of his father.

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