John Rodstrom

Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes (Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Broward Elections Head To Illegal Voters: “If They Vote, They’ll Be Arrested”

For Broward County’s illegal voters, Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is their worst enemy. Snipes said that she snatched up five ballots before they could be mailed to convicted felons who have been accused of voting illegally. What she did mail them is warning letters.



Broward Cuts Deal With FEC Over Port Rail Line

More than a dozen years in the works, a new railroad transfer station at Port Everglades is one step closer to reality.


(Source: Broward Commission) John Rodstrom, named Broward Mayor, and Kristin Jacobs, named Vice Mayor

Commission Names New Broward Mayor, Vice-Mayor

Broward County Commissioners have elected a new Mayor and Vice Mayor, a job the voters don’t get to choose.



Two Broward County Dogs Receive Death Row Reprieve

Two dogs are off of Broward County’s doggie death row tonight and back home with their owners after the county agreed to settle lawsuits brought by the animals’ owners.