Joe Sachs

(Source: CBS4) Fences at Auschwitz today

U.S. Rep. Helps Holocaust Survivors Seek Justice

Nearly eight decades after the Holocaust, a Florida Congresswoman is taking to the front lines of a new battle , she says, to right old wrongs.


(Source: CBS4) Barracks at Auschwitz

March Of The Living: A Survivor’s Mission

What is the Holocaust? It’s a simple sentence that’s not very easy to answer. But it’s one three South Florida Holocaust survivors are trying to explain it to teenagers in hopes of keeping their legacy alive, long after their lives end. It’s their life’s work.


(Source: CBS4) The door to the gas chamber at the Majdanek death camp.

March Of The Living: Gas Chambers Of Majdanek

Every year thousands of people from around the world travel to Poland with a purpose. It’s simple. To march for the living where thousands more marched to their deaths. The march takes place every year in Auschwitz, Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day.


(Source: CBS4) Three South Florida survivors of the Haulocaust return to Poland as part of the March of the Living.

March Of The Living: Three Who Survived

Three men…three stories…three lives changed forever. Nearly 70 years after the holocaust, survivors David Schaecter, David Mermelstein and Joe Sachs remember those horrific dark days and the loved ones they lost — just like it was yesterday.