Jobless Claims


Feds Approve Fla. To Pay Thousands Of Delayed Jobless Claims

The federal government will allow the state to pay unemployment claims in cases that have been in dispute for more than a week, as officials look to ease a backlog created by Florida’s new but trouble-plagued $63 million unemployment assistance website.



Fla. To Pay Thousands Of Held-up Jobless Claims

Thousands of unemployed South Floridians will finally be getting their benefits checks after the state’s troubled new system had held them up.


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State’s Online Jobless Claims System Up & Running

Florida’s unemployed were able to file jobless claims as of Tuesday morning, but the process was perhaps not as smooth as some had hoped.


Job seekers wait in line (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Opinion: Jobless Numbers And The Newest Right Wing Conspiracy Theory

There is a new breed of truthers on the right. Joining the paranoid ranks of the advocates of a government role in 9-11 and the birthers fascination with President Obama’s birth certificate are conservatives that believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is making up jobs numbers to benefit President Obama.


The unemployment rate saw a gain in the latest report.

Jobless Claims Up Slightly, Better Than A Year Ago

It’s a mix of good and bad news for South Florida’s jobless claims. First-time unemployment claims for May continue to trend below where they were a year ago.


The unemployment rate saw a gain in the latest report.

Job Market May Be Weakening, Unemployment Claims Up

While Florida won’t release their first time jobless claims numbers for a couple of more weeks, nationwide the numbers were up for the third week signaling a weakening in the job market.


The unemployment rate saw a gain in the latest report.

Jobless Claims Jump In 2011

While the nation’s unemployment rate dropped in December to 9.3 percent, the overall unemployment picture isn’t improving and it’s especially bad in the Sunshine State where the unemployment rate stands at 11.6 percent.