Media And Politicians Misinterpret Jobs ReportThe Congressional Budget Office typically doesn’t make a lot of news, but Tuesday the CBO was front and center in the media. Unfortunately, most in the media and many politicians completely misinterpreted what the CBO reported.
Minimum Wage Increase Has Broad Bipartisan Support In FloridaNot many political issues enjoy a broad base of bipartisan support, but one such issue in the state of Florida is raising the minimum wage.
Company Based At Miami International Airport To Lay Off 153More than 150 transportation and warehousing workers at Miami International Airport will lose their jobs in a matter of weeks.
Fla. Unemployment Rate Drop Not Completely From New Job CreationThe August unemployment rate in Florida was unchanged from July at 8.8 percent. But, the reason behind the rate holding steady and even dropping in Miami-Dade and Broward County was not from job creation or job market improvement.
Study: Fla. Will Lose 55,340 Jobs By 2021 If Medicare Cut PassesIf an automatic two percent cut to Medicare spending goes through, Florida would lose 55,340 jobs by 2021. That news comes from a study released Sep. 12.
Romney's Job Claims QuestionedRepublican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has put his history as a CEO and as governor of Massachusetts as proof of his plans to create job as the main selling point against President Obama.
Economic Number Spin Begins In Pres. RaceThe 2012 general election is still in the early stages, but if the last 48 hours are indication; the election promises to be an especially brutal partisan fight between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.
Layoffs Decreasing Nationwide; Florida Still StrugglingThe jobs picture improved nationwide in August as the number of layoffs dropped 23 percent from July, according to consultants Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc,; but Florida is still struggling to create jobs.
Governor's Budget Slashes Child WelfareChildren's advocates say kids in Florida won't have a prayer if Governor Scott's proposed massive cuts to DCF are approved.
Scott Calls For Draconian Cuts To EducationFlorida Governor Rick Scott’s newly unveiled budget for the coming fiscal year saw the newly-elected governor propose almost $5 billion in cuts to the state budget.

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