Jerry Libbin

(Source: CBS4)

Comm. Libbin Pulls Out Of Mayoral Race

There’s now one less name in the running for Miami Beach mayor. Wednesday evening Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin announced that he was pulling out of the race.


Miami Beach (Source: CBS4)

Going Over Fiscal Cliff Would Impact Local Tourism

As Congress runs out of time to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff, many people are concerned about what will happen in the new year.


(Source: Miami Design Preservation League)

South Beach Towing Costs Rise

Starting December 1st, visitors of Miami Beach should be on the lookout for a pricier pick-up if they park their cars in the wrong spot.


south beach

Curfew Suggested For 2012 Urban Beach Weekend

Miami Beach city leaders are trying to curb the violence seen at this years Urban Beach Weekend. Their proposal? Set a curfew.