US swimmer Diana Nyad (C) jumps into the water during her departure from the Ernest Hemingway Nautical Club in Havana on August 18, 2012 . Veteran US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad announced that she will try to swim the treacherous waters from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. AFP PHOTO/ADALBERTO ROQUE (Photo by: ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/GettyImages)

Nyad Attempts Florida Straits Cross One Last Time

After several failed attempts to swim to the Florida Keys from Cuba, endurance athlete Diana Nyad will make yet one more attempt–one she says will be her last.


(Photo credit should read ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/GettyImages)

Nyad Preps For Final Attempt To Swim From Cuba To Keys

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is ready to make one final attempt to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys.

CBS Miami–08/30/2013

Swimmer Diana Nyad jumps into the water at Ernest Hemingway Nautical Club, in Havana on August 7, 2011, to swim from Havana to Florida in a three-day non-stop journey. (Photo credit: ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images)

Nyad Enters Water In Fourth Cuba-To-Keys Swim Attempt

Here she goes again, but this time she may be jellyfish-proof.

CBS Miami–08/18/2012

(Source: CBS) Penny Palfry heads out from Havana

Swimmer From Cuba Halfway To Florida

Endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey muscled past the halfway mark Saturday as she pushed through the Florida Straits, enduring jellyfish stings but otherwise encountering perfect conditions in her attempt to become the first woman to swim unassisted more than 100 miles from Cuba to the Florida Keys.



Red, Purple Flags Flying Over Jellyfish Invasion

Red and purple flags are flying at some lifeguard stands up and down South Florida’s beaches warning beachgoers of stinging jellyfish.


(Photo Credit: CBS4) Moon Jellyfish, some the size of dinner plates, are invading South Florida beaches.

Stinging Jellyfish Invade S. Florida Beaches

There’s a water warning for South Florida beachgoers; beware of stinging jellyfish which have arrived in near record numbers to our tourist packed shorelines.


FAST FACTS: Portuguese Man-Of-War

The Portuguese Man-Of-War, known to most people as a jellyfish, is not a fish or even a single animal, but is actually a floating colony of four different organisms. They are different, though, than the […]