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39-Years After Jaws, We’re Still In Love With Great White Sharks

Thirty-nine years ago today, countless people across America were afraid to go in the water after seeing the highly-anticipated Steven Spielberg film “Jaws.


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Bahamas Shark Attack Victim Speaks

A man is recovering from getting attacked by a shark near Scotland Cay in the Bahamas.


A painting on display as part of the new SHARK exhibit at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. (Source: CBS4)

SHARK Exhibit Features Celebrated Creatures Of The Sea

Do you love sharks? You’ll love a new South Florida art exhibit featuring nothing but these celebrated creatures of the sea.


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Sharks: The Fight To Keep Them Alive

More than 100,000 sharks are circling the South Florida coastline as part of an annual migration. The same migration is underway in the Bahamas. But unlike South Florida, CBS4’s David Sutta shows us why the ocean’s top predators there are all protected from fishing.


11. Jaws (Made in 2009 for $36 million / Gross revenue $471 million) Rate of Profit: 1308%

Universal Closing Its Jaws On Attraction

One of the most iconic parts of Universal Studios Florida will be closed permanently on January 2nd.