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September 28, 2014: A mass shooting took place at 6410 Northwest 7 Avenue.(Source: CBS4)

Nightclub Shooting Adds To List Of South Florida Mass Shootings

The shooting that injured 15 people at a Miami nightclub is among several mass shootings that have taken place in South Florida.


Hialeah Shooting Victims (Source: CBS4)

Memorial Mass Monday For Hialeah Massacre Victims

Six people killed in July’s tragic Hialeah massacre will be remembered Monday night at a memorial mass.

CBS Miami–08/12/2013

Hialeah Shooting Victims (Source: CBS4)

Hialeah To Hold Memorial Mass For Shooting Victims

The City of Hialeah is planning a memorial mass service for the six victims of a gunman’s shooting rampage.

CBS Miami–08/08/2013

Hialeah Shooting Victims (Source: CBS4)

Hialeah Massacre Victims Laid To Rest This Week

Hialeah remains a city in mourning almost a week after a gunman’s brutal rampage left six victims dead.


Hialeah Shooting Victims (Source: CBS4)

Services This Week For Hialeah Massacre Victims

The families of the six people who died Friday when Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage at a Hialeah apartment building last Friday are planning funeral services for this week.


Pedro Vargas, the Hialeah gunman who shot and killed six people, was eventually killed by police. 
(Source: Hialeah Police)

Community Still Trying To Process Hialeah Massacre

Hialeah Police are still trying to determine what led Pedro Vargas to go on one of the worst shooting rampages in recent South Florida history. Vargas killed shot and killed six people Friday night before being killed himself.


Source: CBS4

Hialeah Shooting: Tenants Terrorized

Six people were killed when police said Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage last Friday night. Here’s how the victims of the shooting were described.


Hialeah Police are looking for a man who opened fire in an apartment building Friday night, killing two people. (CBS4)

Hialeah Shooting Rampage Timeline

Here is a timeline of events that happened Friday night as witnesses said Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage at a Hialeah apartment complex.


Source: CBS4

Families Devastated By Hialeah Shooting Rampage

The families of the six people killed are talking about what happened to their loved ones inside a Hialeah apartment complex Friday night.