Palestinians Protest Opening Of US Embassy In JerusalemThe United States is set to open a new embassy in Jerusalem tomorrow on Monday, a city claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians as their capital.
Gov. Scott To Attend Embassy Opening In JerusalemThere are heightened tensions in Israel ahead of opening the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.
Israel Claims Iran Lied About Scope Of Nuclear ProgramThe Iranian nuclear deal, already on thin ice, is even more uncertain after the Israeli government claimed it has proof that Iran lied about its nuclear program.
Netanyahu Says He Has Proof Of Secret Iranian Nuclear ProgramAn interesting update to the ongoing situation regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal and how the United State is handing it.
Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Continues Foreign Mission With Stop In IsraelSecretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for international action to punish Iran for its missile programs. 
Russia Blames Israel For Missile Attack On Syrian Air BaseSyria and its most powerful ally, Russia, blamed Israel for striking an air base in the war-torn country on Monday, following a suspected chemical gas attack that drew condemnation from world powers.
Israeli Police Find 'Sufficient Evidence' To Indict Prime Minister Netanyahusraeli police said Tuesday there is "sufficient evidence" to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
U.S. Embassy To Open In Jerusalem By End Of 2019, VP SaysThis confirms the controversial move is speeding up after officials earlier said it could take three to four years.

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