Astronauts Enter First Inflatable Space LodgeA first for the astronauts on the International Space Station. On Monday they entered the world's first inflatable space habitat.
NASA Attempts Another Go At Inflating Space Station RoomNASA will take a second crack at inflating an experimental room at the International Space Station.
NASA Hits Snag While Inflating New Room At Space Station NASA hit a bump while inflating a new room at the International Space Station on Thursday. The snag put everything on hold for at least a day.
International Space Station Makes 100,000th Orbit Of EarthA total of 17 ½ years and 100,000 laps later, the International Space Station entered the history books Monday.
NASA Preps Astronauts For Flight In Private SpacecraftNASA is preparing to send astronauts back into space, this time on a private spacecraft.
British Astronaut Set To Run London Marathon From SpaceBritain's first official astronaut will run the London Marathon from space.
ISS's Inflatable Habitat May Become Precursor To Space TravelIt's a first for the cosmos as space station astronauts will soon test what it's like to live in an inflatable room in outer space.
Supply Rocket Blasts Off From Cape CanaveralFresh supplies are rocketing toward the International Space Station.
Space Station Delivery Rich In Science And TechThe International Space Station will be getting some fire supplies Tuesday night. To be clear, literal fire-making supplies, not the slang term for something incredible.
Astronaut Wannabes Apply To NASA In Record NumberNASA won't have to look far for a few trailblazers ready to explore the final frontier of space.
Space Station Astronauts Jettison TrashA container with more than a ton of trash from the International Space Station is headed towards Earth's atmosphere where it will meet a fiery fate.
Time-Lapse Posted By Astronaut Shows Lightning From SpaceNew time lapse video posted on social media shows storms through parts of the world.

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