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Sen. Nelson Targeting Tax Refund Scams

Tax refund scams are not new, but they’re costing Uncle Sam, and by default, you, as much as $10 billion a year and the current laws may not be strong enough to protect taxpayers from sophisticated tax thieves.



IRS E-Mail Scam Targets Taxpayer’s Identities

A sophisticated scam is running rampant nationwide, and even the savviest taxpayers are falling for it.


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IRS Owes Floridians Millions In Unclaimed Refunds

How would you feel if you found out you gave the US government cash that should be in your pocket? The feds say in Florida alone they are holding $67 million they owe people– maybe you –simply because you haven’t asked for it back, and time is running out.



ID Theft Overwhelming IRS Offices

Identity theft has become so prevalent in South Florida that local Internal Revenue Service offices have been forced to limit how many customers can enter their offices earlier this week.


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Fraud Filters Delay Some IRS Refunds

If you thought you were ahead of the game by filing your federal tax return early so you could get your refund faster, think again.-



Dread April 15? This Year, Taxes Due 2 Days Later

There is good news for South Floridians who simply can’t file their tax returns on time.


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Uncle Sam Wants To Check Out The Miccosukee’s Books

A federal judge in Miami has ordered the Miccosukee tribe to turn over financial records to the Internal Revenue Service which has launched a probe into their gambling profits.



Tax Deadline Nears, IRS Extends Office Hours

Anticipating a last minute rush of taxpayers who need help, local Internal Revenue Service offices will be extending their hours this weekend and weekend to help those who need last minute assistance.


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2011 Income Tax Guide

This year’s tax deadline has changed, and so have the rules. Filers have until April 18th to file their income taxes this year with the IRS, but experts say don’t wait because it will only delay your return.



Uncle Sam May Owe You Money

Uncle Sam owes more than 100 thousand taxpayers nationwide money. The problem is, however, ‘he’ can’t find them.





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