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Baptist Health Hosts Citizenship Workshops

Workshops will be held this week at Baptist Health South Florida to help potential new citizens.



Cubans Protest Treatment In The Bahamas

Cuban Americans, protesting the treatment of migrants in the Bahamas, have resurfaced attention to longstanding complaints about the conditions of confinement for people seeking to reach the U.S., often with the help of human smugglers.


(Source: U.S. Coast Guard)

Coast Guard Returns 23 Migrants To Cuba

Nearly two dozen Cuban migrants picked up by the Coast Guard have been returned to their homeland.


U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia (Source: Hand Out Photo/Office of Congressman Joe Garcia)

Rep. Garcia Fires Back At Rep. King Over Immigration Comments

South Florida Congressman Joe Garcia took aim at Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) Tuesday after the Iowan said most undocumented immigrants were smuggling drugs into the country.

CBS Miami–07/24/2013

More than two hundred people who came to this country seeking a better life were sworn in as its newest citizens on the Fourth of July. (Source: CBS4)

Immigrants Celebrating 4th By Becoming U.S. Citizens

Hundreds of immigrants living in Florida will have another reason to celebrate the 4th of July by the end of the day.

CBS Miami–07/04/2013


Immigration Reform Splitting GOP

Immigration reform has been one of the hot-button topics for politicians in the last few years. As the Senate passed its version of immigration reform last week, all attention now turns to the House of Representatives and the rift developing in the Republican Party.

CBS Miami–07/02/2013

Sarah Palin (photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Palin Attacks Rubio On Immigration

Ronald Reagan used to tout the 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Rebublican.” Based on tea party hero Sarah Palin’s latest tweet, she may need to go back to learn that idea again.

CBS Miami–06/29/2013

Senator Marco Rubio

Immigration Reform Overwhelmingly Passes Senate

The Democratic-controlled United States Senate overwhelmingly passed an immigration reform bill Thursday that could impact more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. But, the massive reform may never get to President Barack Obama’s desk.

CBS Miami–06/27/2013

English & Immigration (Source: CBS4)

Facing South Florida: English Proficiency & Immigration

We get reaction to a controversial amendment Sen. Marco Rubio has added to the pending immigraiton bill that would require proficiency in English before getting a green card. Right now, you only need to be proficient in English to become a citizen.


Democrat And Republican

Immigration Reform Bill Sputtering In Capitol

Even if Republican Senator Marco Rubio and the bipartisan Gang of Eight Senators can muster the support needed to pass comprehensive immigration reform through the Senate; it’s possibly dead on arrival in the GOP-led House of Representatives.

CBS Miami–06/18/2013