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West Palm Beach Man Dies After Competing In Roach Eating Contest

Some exotic cuisines leave diners with a bad stomach, but what one man consumed in Deerfield Beach Friday night may have been his demise.



Ricotta Cheese Recalled Over Listeria Fears

Federal officials say ricotta cheese shipped to some Florida retail stores and restaurants is tainted with listeria bacteria and is responsible for 14 illnesses and at least one death.


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Fla. Infant Mortality Rate Drops To Record Low

Florida’s infants are surviving life-threatening diseases at its highest rate on record.

CBS Miami–08/02/2012

Former BSO Deputy Flora Vouglitois is battling a rare cancer and needs the community's support to help fight it. (CBS4)

Former BSO Deputy Fighting Rare Cancer, Seeks Community Support

A former Broward Sheriff’s Deputy is battling a rare blood cancer and is asking for the community’s help to fight the disease.


(Source: CBS)

S. Fla. Doctors Seeing Rise In Illnesses That Just Won’t Quit

A nasty bug has been making its way around South Florida, making everyone miserable in its path.


Fidel Castro Makes Appearance 4/19/11

Fidel’s Life, In Two Volumes, Revealed In Havana

In his day, Fidel Castro was known for speeches that lasted longer than some people could stay awake, a man who could go on for 5 hours without a thought. So is it any surprise that when he finally wrote a memoir, it would take two volumes…thick ones?


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Troubled Munne Center Finally Closed

One of the most notorious assisted living facilities in Miami-Dade County finally shuts its doors this week.


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Medical Diagnosis Leads To New Fashion Line

When Aliette Vazquez was dealt a setback with a debilitating condition, she didn’t give up, but instead turned it into a program she will help others be safer and looked fashionable while doing so.



New Judge Will Get Courthouse Mold Case

The judge hearing the lawsuit over the mold mess at the Broward County Courthouse announced on Thursday that he is stepping down from the case.



Fever: Big Deal Or Not?

If you have children, you have to deal with fever, and that can be a bit scary, especially for first time parents.
You’ve probably awakened in the dead of night to find your child flushed, hot, and sweaty. If the forehead feels warm, you immediately suspect a fever, but what next?