Members of the Florida House bow their heads in pr

Lee Blasts ‘Hypocritical’ House As Talks Continue

Even as a flare-up in negotiations on economic-development spending demonstrated simmering tensions between the House and Senate, lawmakers continued Monday to try to come to agreement in two areas that helped spark an ongoing special session: funding for health care and environmental projects.


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House, Senate Agree On Solution To Juvenile-Detention Dispute

House and Senate budget writers have agreed on a potential solution to a long-running dispute between the state and counties about who pays to lock up juvenile offenders.


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Differences Persist In Second Day Of Budget Negotiations

A second day of negotiations between House and Senate lawmakers over a spending plan for the budget year that begins July 1 seemed to highlight longstanding divisions between the two chambers even as legislators tried to come to agreement.


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House, Senate Agree On LIP Total, Load Up ED Budget

After months of federal negotiations and proposals floated by Gov. Rick Scott, the House and the Senate, lawmakers on Saturday reached tentative agreements on how much money should flow to hospitals and other medical providers that care for large numbers of low-income patients.


Members of the Florida House bow their heads in pr

Florida Legislators Reach Broad Deal On State Budget

State Republican leaders say they have a broad deal on a new state budget.


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House Ready To Vote On Trimmed-Down Tax Cuts

The House has positioned its dramatically streamlined tax-cut package for a vote on Friday.


Members of the Florida House bow their heads in pr

House, Senate Still Stuck In Health Debate

A rare June special session began Monday with legislative leaders promising to get done with the unfinished business left over from their annual spring meeting: passing a spending plan for the budget year that begins July 1.


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Senate Scuttles ‘Conscience Protection’ Bill

A controversial bill that would allow private adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples appears ready to die Friday with the end of the regular legislative session.


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Gov. Scott Says He Will Work On New Budget For State

Gov. Rick Scott has promised to help work on a new state budget.


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Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Make Revenge Porn Illegal

A bill headed to the governor’s desk would make it illegal for people to post sexually explicit photos or videos of exes on websites without their permission.