Doral Passes Proposed Benefits For Domestic PartnershipThe City of Doral has become the latest South Florida city to approve domestic partnership benefits for city employees.
Report: Lobbyist Drawing Up Legislation To Ban Gays In NFLFormer Missouri defensive end Michael Sam inspired millions when he came out as homosexual before the 2014 NFL Draft. But, he also inspired those who oppose homosexuals to try to take drastic action.
Fla. Same-Sex Marriage Opponents To Fight Lawsuit A lawsuit challenging Florida's ban on gay marriage is getting some opposition.
Michael Sam Reveals Homosexuality Ahead Of NFL DraftFormer University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam revealed to the world Sunday night that he is homosexual. The consensus All-American’s declaration could set the stage for him to be the first active openly gay player in the history of the NFL. But the decision to reveal his sexuality also comes with great risks for his future in the game of football.
Pope Francis Refuses To Judge HomosexualsPope Francis broke new ground with his papacy Monday when he said that he’s not one to judge priests on their sexual orientation.
S. Fla. Gay Community Protesting FDA Blood Donation RuleThings were pretty quiet at the blood-mobile Wednesday. It was sitting on Wilton Drive, in the middle of what’s known as “The Gayberhood.” So there are a lot of people here who can’t give, even though many would like to.
Senator Bill Nelson Expresses Support For Gay MarriageAs recently as last week, Senator Bill Nelson’s office stood by his previous statements that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But last night, Senator Nelson changed his mind.
Gay Rights Activists Gather For "Kiss Day" At Pompano Chick-Fil-A South Florida puckered up to support gay marriage Friday night.
Something Extra: Are You A Datasexual?You've heard of people being asexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, metrosexual... how about datasexual?
S. Fla. Gay Adoption Case FinalizedA homosexual North Miami Beach couple has officially adopted two brothers in a case that overturned Florida's three-decade ban on gay adoptions.
ACLU Sues Miami Beach, Cops For Gay Man's ArrestThe American Civil Liberties Union has filed a suit naming the City of Miami Beach and two of the city's police officers for the wrongful arrest of Harold Strickland, a gay former Miami Beach resident.
Florida Ban On Gay Adoption Falls; AG Won't Appeal

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