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Blame The Moon For South Florida’s Tidal Flooding

Parts of South Beach are drying out from flood waters, which weren’t caused by any rain, but caused by an astronomical high tide, in other words, blame it on the moon.

CBS Miami–10/17/2013

Tidal flooding on Miami Beach (Source: CBS4)

Blame The Moon For S. Florida’s Tidal Flooding

Parts of South Florida continue to flood due to the annual autumnal high tides which cause canals, rivers and coastlines to flood without any rain.


(Source: Miami-Dade.gov)

Autumn’s High Tide Causes Flooding On Miami Beach

South Florida’s autumnal high tides have arrived which means canals, rivers and coastlines are at risk of flooding.



“High”, “Billy Elliot” Come To Ft. Lauderdale

The tours of two emotionally powerful shows are making stops in Ft. Lauderdale. Kathleen Turner leads the cast of “High,” a poignant tale of drugs and addiction at the Parker Playhouse. “Billy Elliot The Musical” is at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.



CBS4 Investigates: Teens Huffing A/C Freon

The latest fad for teens to get high involves a very large household appliance. YouTube videos even act as instructional videos for kids who want to huff freon. CBS4’s Gio Benitez has the heads up for parents about the dangers to kids who are huffing.



Monster Shoes All The Rage In Ladies Footwear

Hey ladies! If you’ve gone shopping for shoes lately, you’ve no doubt seen that high heels have gone to new heights. CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo says, nowadays, fashionable footwear isn’t about comfort… it’s about Monster Shoes.


Andy Rodriguez is accused of killing classmate Juan Carlos Rivera in September, 2009.

Trial Set For Gables High Murder Suspect

Andy Rodriguez, the former Coral Gables high school student accused of stabbing a classmate to death in a school yard, will be facing trial soon.



Teens Go Nutty For New High

Nutmeg is often used as a flavoring for eggnog during the holiday season. But, the spice is now gaining traction on the Internet as an alternative way to get high.