High Speed Rail


Fla. High Speed Rail Funds Go To Illinois

The $2 billion in high-speed rail funding rejected by Florida Governor Rick Scott is turning into a treasure chest for other states, most notably Illinois.



Florida High-Speed Raily Money Up For Grabs

Just weeks after Florida Governor Rick Scott turned down $2.4 billion and thousands of jobs from the federal government, the Obama Administration has reluctantly made the money available for other high-speed rail projects across the country.


Rick Scott

Fla. Justices To Hear High Speed Rail Dispute

The battle between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and two state senators over federal stimulus money for the proposed high speed rail line goes to the Florida Supreme Court Thursday.



Scott Defiant In Supreme Court Filing

Florida Governor Rick Scott met a noon deadline when he filed a stern response with the Florida Supreme Court after he was sued by two Florida legislators who are seeking to force Scott to accept the federal money for a high-speed rail line.


Rick Scott

State Senators Sue Gov. Scott Over Rail Project

A bipartisan pair of Florida State Senators has sued Governor Rick Scott in the Florida Supreme Court to force him to accept the federal money for a high-speed rail system.



Transportation Attorneys Meet With Scott Over High Speed Rail

Despite comments from Governor Rick Scott that he couldn’t see any workable plan for a high speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando, attorneys for the U.S. Department of Transportation are meeting with his administration to see if something can’t be worked out.



Scott Gets Pushback From State Senators Over Rail Refusal

Governor Rick Scott just got a big political smackdown and many of his fellow Republicans helped administer it.