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Low T (Source: CBS4)

Are Low Testosterone Drugs Worth The Risks?

For millions of men trying to fight the effects of aging, there’s a drug that claims to make you stronger, smarter and more virile. But as CBS4’s Eliott Rodriguez tells us, life threatening side effects have many questioning if fighting low testosterone is worth the risk.


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New Chocolate Diet May Be A Dream Come True

Eating chocolate to lose weight sounds like a dream come true for anyone trying to lose a few pounds.

CBS Miami–02/27/2014

Othello Russell was literally scared to death by police at a home in Brownsville. (Source: CBS4)

Police Search Reviewed After Brownsville Man’s Death

By some accounts it was typical police work. A gang task force going after the bad guys.


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M-D Commission Sends EKG Resolution To FL Legislature

Teens who want to play sports at their high school may have another test added to their required physical.


Dr. Robert Myerburg, UM Miller School of Medicine    (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Heart Attack

We focus on the silent killer in light of the recent sudden death of actor James Gandolfini. Our guests are a cardiologist and a man who survived a massive heart attack, like the one that killed Gandolfini.

My TV 33–07/14/2013

Edward Murphy undergoes an Endopat. (Source: CBS4)

Test Detects Heart Disease Using Only Your Fingers

Could a simple, completely non-invasive test predict your risk for a heart attack just by measuring your finger? There’s a new device which can tell you the health of your blood vessels, and your heart.


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General: Hugo Chavez Died Of A Heart Attack

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died of a massive heart attack.


University Of Miami Hospital (Source: MGSCOMM)

UM Performing Trials On Heart Monitor

A clinical trial of an early heart attack detection device designed to track significant changes in the heart’s electrical signal and alert patients to seek medical attention is underway at the University of Miami Health System.


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Ex-Florida Governor Candidate To Be Remembered Friday

The Florida Democrat who defeated Janet Reno for the party’s gubernatorial nomination in 2002 but lost to Republican Gov. Jeb Bush will be remembered this week in Tampa.


Therapeutic Hypothermia (CBS4)

Deerfield Beach Wrestling Coach Saved By Cutting Edge Procedure

During a routine wrestling practice, Deerfield Beach High School veteran wrestling coach Robert Burns had a massive heart attack.