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In fact, going out to a salad bar is probably a lot more expensive, where salad bar ingredients can average up to 70% more at the salad bar than on store shelves. (Source: CBS4)

Stretching Your Budget At The Salad Bar

Many people usually go out and grab a salad for lunch in hopes to slim down their waistline. That same salad, however, could also be slimming down their wallets.


Cyrus Jollivette & Jeffrey Lagomacini

Focus on South Florida: Embrace Healthy Florida

There is a statewide initiative to help fight against childhood obesity. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida foundation has given out grants to six communities including Opa-Locka and Hialeah. There are community action plans in place to prevent and reverse childhood obesity.

My TV 33–07/03/2012

(Source: AP Photo/Mike Derer)

School Nutrition Program Moves To Agriculture Dept.

The state’s school and food nutrition program will be part of the state Agriculture Department starting Sunday.


Adding some high-fiber vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and kale to your rice will obviously help lower the calorie count. But not only that. Adding veggies to rice at lunchtime appears to slow stomach emptying, according to research. The end result? You feel full longer. In fact, people in a study ate much less at dinner when they added veggies to their rice at lunch. (Photo credit:

MIA Ranked Tops Among Airports With Healthiest Food

If you want a healthy meal, the first place you’d head to satisfy your craving is…the airport? While it may not be the place where most people go, it’s nice to know someone is tracking the health of airport food, and the fact that this year, Miami International ranks 6th in the nation for healthy airport food.



Eating Healthy, Exercising Key To Fruitful Pregnancy

Having a baby can be a wonderful experience, but for some women who are expecting those nine months may be stressful, lousy and very uncomfortable. However, experts say being pregnant doesn’t have to be a downer.


What’s more gourmet than McDonald’s? In 1996, the Golden Arches started cooking up fancier burger (with its own $100 million advertising campaign), which tanked, causing Mickey Ds some heartache. (AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

McDonald’s: Apple Slices In Every Happy Meal

A healthier change is coming to a local fast food chain. McDonald’s Corp. plans to make its Happy Meals healthier across the country, including South Florida.



Bill Clinton To Honor Gables School For Healthy Initiative

More than three dozen schools in Miami-Dade County will be honored by former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Library Monday in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Fast Food Salads

Know What You’re Ordering With ‘Healthy’ Fast Food

When you think fast food, a few things may come to mind like “inexpensive” and “convenient,” but “healthy” may not make the list. These days, however, you can find salads, oatmeal and veggie burgers at fast food places but even though they sound healthy, you have to look beyond the names.



Parents Choose Active Spring Break Options For Kids

Spring break is right around the corner and that means thousands of students will be out of school, leaving parents with the task of finding a way to keep their kids busy amid their busy workweek. But there are several options to your kids’ advantage.


This pill, shown, may hold the key to the fountain of youth.

Pill May Be Key To Fountain Of Youth

Does the fountain of youth exist? Some say it does in the form of a pill called TA65.




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