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“Tapping” The Pain & Fear Away

It’s instantaneous. She can feel the tears bubbling up the second I ask her about her mother. Jennifer Alluard is about to break.


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Fit Friday Previews This Weekend’s Titan Challenge

Titans are taking over Tropical Park this Saturday. Hundreds of competitors will run, climb, jump, and swim through the massive obstacle course spread throughout Tropical Park at 7900 Bird Road.


Doctor and Patient (Source: CBS4)

More Patients, Doctors Engaging In ‘Group Visits’

People ride the bus, go to games and eat with strangers , so how about going to the doctor with a group of strangers?

CBS Miami–08/27/2013

The body of a female mosquito fills up and balloons as she sucks blood from a photographer's hand at Everglades National Park August 12, 2002 in Flamingo, Florida. The female bugs use the blood protein to feed their eggs then lays the eggs in water. The itch from the bite is caused by the human body's immune system responding to the mosquito's saliva.  (Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images)

Dengue Fever Advisory For Two Central Florida Counties

If you are planning to head to up the coast, you may want to pack some bug spray.

CBS Miami–08/25/2013


How To Get Kids On-Board With Healthy Eating

A winning combination most parents want for their children is a healthy mind and a healthy body. But how to get the kids to buy into the idea of eating healthy lunches and snacks?


Lifting weights is a great way to stay in shape, but bodybuilding can also become a dangerous obsession. (Source: CBS4)

‘Bigorexia’ Becoming A Dangerous Disorder

From being mesmerized by magazine covers, fixated on diets and addicted to working out, many men are focused on getting that hot beach body. However, more men who have started muscle training are now obsessed with bulking up.


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Shortage Of Primary Care Doctors In Florida

Darlene O’Neil just saw a doctor at a mobile health clinic for the first time in months after dropping her health coverage six months ago because she could no longer afford it. Soon, a team of local student doctors, nurses, lawyers and social workers led by a doctor will visit her home for monthly follow-up care to help the 46-year-old her manage her blood pressure because she’s at high-risk for diabetes.

CBS Miami–06/22/2013


World Traveling Docs Share Findings In Book Geared For Better Health

Doctors Steve and Sandy Amoils, married Cincinnati based physicians, traveled the world for a thorough look into all kinds of medical treatments and therapies in hopes of finding miraculous cures.

CBS Miami–06/04/2013

Miami-Dade and Broward County rank among the state's healthiest counties, according to a new study. (Source: CBS)

Miami-Dade, Broward Rank Among State’s Healthiest Counties

South Florida is home to some of Florida’s healthiest residents, according to a national study.


Kids having fun on the "Fun Bus."  (Source:

Healthy Hijinks On The Fun Bus

The wheels on the bus may go “round and round, round and round” but now those in charge of keeping it rolling have added a little fun into the equation.