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Walmart to debut "Great for You" labels on healthier food options. (Source: CBS4)

Walmart To Debut “Great For You” Seal

In an effort to promote their healthier food products and fight childhood obesity, Walmart is about to make it easy for shoppers to know what to buy.



Fast Food Doesn’t Have To Be Junk Food

A majority of Americans are considered overweight or obese and with fast food restaurants on every corner it’s hard to win the battle of the bulge but fast food doesn’t always have to be junk food.


(Source: AP Photo/Mike Derer)

Healthy Snacks Now A Part Of Hialeah After School Program

It couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s what dozens of Hialeah students have said now that healthy snacks have become a part of their afterschool program.


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Miami Teens Take Hands On Approach To Healthy Living

Some South Florida teens are leading the way in their communities to make sure healthy foods are available in an effort to fight obesity.



Liberty City Company’s “Healthy” Success

As many in South Florida struggle with unemployment and businesses struggle just to survive, one Miami company with a ‘big heart’ is success not just for its owner but for those who work there.


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New Farmers Market Offers Healthy Foods

In a time when many are tightening belts some South Florida produce growers are going to be helping by offering fresh vegetables and fruit at a new farmer’s market.



Walmart Pushing For A Healthier You

The country’s largest retailer is going healthy thanks to a push from First Lady Michelle Obama.


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Smart Spending When Buying Organic Foods

More and more people are buying organic foods even though they often cost more. But there are ways to save money if you know which organic fruits and vegetables might be worth the extra price, and which ones aren’t.


First Lady Michelle Obama joins children during their lunch at New Hampshire Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 19, 2010.

First Lady To Visit Miami Elementary School

Childhood obesity in Miami will get a kick in the pants Monday when First Lady Michelle Obama visits a local school to talk about the problem as part of her Lets Move! initiative. Obama will join students from Riverside Elementary School to show them steps to take in improving children’s health. Those steps include increasing fruit and veggies in their diets.