A pill to help with concussions is on the way.  (Source: CBS4)

The Concussion Pill Is Coming

Researchers trying to discover a cure for cancer, have instead, apparently found a pill that repairs brain damage from concussions. CBS4’S Rhiannon Ally reports on this timely discovery.


(Source: Sanford Police Department) George Zimmerman is seen with his hands cuffed behind his back at Sanford police headquarters in a screen grab from video released by the Sanford Police Department.

ABC News: Enhanced Video May Show Zimmerman Injuries

The debate over injuries neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman allegedly received at the hands of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the night Zimmerman shot and killed him became more focused Monday, after ABC News broadcast enhanced police videotape they said shows some kind of injury to the back of Zimmerman’s head.



CBS4 Investigates: Teens Huffing A/C Freon

The latest fad for teens to get high involves a very large household appliance. YouTube videos even act as instructional videos for kids who want to huff freon. CBS4’s Gio Benitez has the heads up for parents about the dangers to kids who are huffing.


Cop Attacked

2 Arrested After Miami Officer Struck In Head

Two people are in custody after a Miami police officer was hit in the head while responding to a report Thursday.


(Source: Pembroke Pines Police Department)

Police Investigate Pembroke Pines Teen’s Death

A popular Pembroke Pines Charter High School student died Wednesday following head injuries sustained in a car accident, sources close to the investigation told CBS4’s Joan Murray.


Skull Graphic

DNA Matches Severed Head, Mutilated Corpse

It’s a match. Ft. Lauderdale police have confirmed that DNA taken from a severed head found along a Dania Beach canal matches a mutilated corpse found floating in a canal in a Ft. Lauderdale neighborhood.