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The Best Gift Ideas To Bring Back From A Trip

This list will give you an idea of what gifts are best to bring back from a trip.



Top Hat Shops In Miami

It can be quite the task to find a great hat – but it’s a style necessity in the unforgiving Miami sun!


The Miami Marlins unveiled their new logo and uniforms Friday night. (Source: http://miami.marlins.mlb.com)

Miami Marlins Gear Hot Seller In Dade

The Florida Marlins is officially the Miami Marlins and new merchandise has already hit South Florida stores, with a chance for fans to meet their favorite Marlins player.


Miami Marlins Cap

Miami Marlins Caps Hit Shelves Before 11/11 Debut

The Miami Marlins won’t reveal their new logo until November 11, but apparently some stores have started selling hats with the purported new Marlins logo on it already.


Frederica Wilson won the August 24 primary for the Democratic nomination to fill the U.S. House District 17 seat.  (Source: CBS)

Frederica Wilson Gearing Up For Chapeau Challenge

Fledgling U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is already gearing up for her first big battle on Capitol Hill, but it won’t be over health care, taxes or deficit spending. It will be over her hats.