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Hemisphere-Wide Hackathon Tracks Public Money Across Borders

Journalists, coders and financial experts spent Saturday tracking “The Money Trail” across the Americas.


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Security Lapse May Have Exposed Millions Of Passwords, Credit Card Numbers

Millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive bits of information were exposed to hackers after a lapse in an internet security protocal.



Banks Scramble To Update ATMs Due To Loss Of Tech Support

Banks are racing to upgrade their ATMs before they become prime targets for hackers. It all has to do with Windows XP.


A customer signs a credit card statement next to a scanner in a Target store on December 19, 2013 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Target: Recent Email Offering Credit Monitoring Is Legit

Did you get an email from Target alerting that your personal information may have been compromised?


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Lauderdale Cops Warn Of Possible Web Site Fraud

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department put out a warning Wednesday regarding a suspected Internet scam.



U.S. Accused Of Cyberattack On French Government

The United States has been charged with launching a cyberattack against France — a claim the U.S. government has categorically denied.


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Report: GoDaddy.com Hacked, Anonymous Claims Responsibility

GoDaddy.com became the latest website to possibly incur the wrath of the hacking group Anonymous Monday.

CBS Miami–09/10/2012

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Yahoo Admits Hackers Released Over 400,000 Login Credentials

Do you Yahoo? If you do, you might strongly consider changing your password. Yahoo was the victim of a security breach that yielded hundreds of thousands of login credentials.

CBS Miami–07/12/2012

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DNSChanger Threatens Thousands Of U.S. Computers

Thousands of people across the United States could lose their Internet service Monday thanks to a worldwide computer infection that started last year.

CBS Miami–07/06/2012


Hackers Claim Miami PD On List Of Info They Stole

A group of hackers dubbed “Anonymous” claims to have stolen private information, including credit card numbers, from a number of groups including the Miami Police Department, the U.S. Air Force and Apple Inc. after they reportedly breached Stratfor, a U.S. security think tank.




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