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MIA travelers can pay a fee to use iris scan and fingerprints for shorter checkpoint lines. (Source: CBS4)

MIA Travelers Can Pay To Shorten Lines With Fingerprint & Iris Scans

It’s the stuff seen in Hollywood movies—iris scans and fingerprints to access secure areas—and is about to become a reality at Miami International Airport, for those who want to pay the price.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Pay To Skip To The Front Of Security Line At MIA

Would you be willing to pay to skip to the front at the airport for security screening?


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Fuel System Issue Leads To Flight Delays, Diversions At MIA

Some air travelers were delayed or diverted to other airports Saturday after a fueling system malfunction at Miami International Airport.


August 17, 2014: Miami International Airport line. Source: Twitter/Mabel Nodal

MIA Passengers Grounded By Lighting & Computer Failures

Passengers were forced to wait Sunday night as a computer failure and lightning issue hit the busy Miami International Airport.


John McAfee on Miami Beach on Thursday Dec. 13, 2012. (Source: CBS4)

McAfee May Be In South Florida For A While

After a whirlwind trip from Guatemala to Miami, anti-virus software founder John McAfee may be in South Florida for a while.


American Airlines Emergency Landing (CBS4)

Plane Lands Safely At MIA Following Cabin Pressure Problem

A slight scare in the area Thursday morning when an American Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles was diverted to Miami International Airport after reports of pressure problems in the cabin.


Miami International Airport

Flights Almost Back To Normal At Miami’s Airport

Just about a week after a fire at Miami International’s fuel farm destroyed the pumping system used to bring fuel to the airport, things should soon be back to normal.



More Flights Canceled At MIA Due To Fuel Supply

If you’ve got a flight out of Miami International Airport, or if you were expecting a friend in from town, you may want to call ahead.


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Another Day Of Cancellations, Delays At MIA

Another day of delays and cancellations at Miami International Airport after last weeks fire which destroyed a pump in the airport’s fuel farm.


A massive fire Wednesday evening in a fuel storage tank at Miami International Airport.

Delays Remain In Wake Of MIA Fuel Farm Fire

Travelers at Miami International Airport better pack their patience. In the wake of Wednesday night’s fuel farm fire, there remains numerous flight cancellations and delays.