Government Cuts


Jobs Numbers From March Disappoint

The American economy sputtered in March with just 88,000 new jobs created. That was a large drop-off from the previous month’s 268,000 new jobs added to the workforce.

CBS Miami–04/05/2013

U.S. Capitol Over Flag

Poll: 80 Percent Dissatisfied With Washington

Between sequestration cuts, complete Congressional gridlock, and other problems, Americans are thoroughly sick of how things are going in the nation’s capital.

CBS Miami–03/27/2013

(Source: AP)

Report: End Of Unemployment Benefits Could Cripple Economy

Unemployment in Miami-Dade County is 13.7 percent and the jobs to bring that rate down simply are not there. Now, the economy in South Florid and the nation could take a debilitating hit when government aid ends this year.