Girl Power

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Focus on South Florida: Girl Power

Improving our world one girl at a time! That’s the vision statement of “Girl Power”. The program is designed to promote positive behavior in at-risk girls aged 11 to 17. World Literacy Crusade of Florida launched “Girl Power” as a result of the growing rate of crime, poverty, and illiteracy in inner-city communities. We focus on the work “Girl Power does, the many programs it offers, and the group’s upcoming holiday extravaganza.

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Focus on South Florida: Yoga Gangsters

Kids in crisis are kids in need. They are stuck in a system that runs on survival–food, clothing, shelter, safety. But once the bare necessities are met, then what? A Miami-based nonprofit thinks it has the answer.
This organization reaches out to at-risk youth in South Florida, and in 10 states from New York to Texas. And it does so in a rather unorthodox manner. Through yoga. Even its name raises eyebrows. Yoga Gangsters. We focus on what the program is and how it works.

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Best After-School Activities For Kids In Miami

Every child’s uniqueness needs something different to be satisfied, from singing to sports. That’s why South Florida offers a variety of after-school options to meet their individual needs. From arts to education, these are the city’s best after-school activities.