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Nerve-Wracking Phone Scam Targets South Florida Residents

“We got your son, we got your son and we’re going to kill him,” a caller screamed to Elizabeth Manger while she was at work. This scam has been ringing South Florida phones for more than a year. INSIDE: How to identify the scammer.



Medical Apps Are The New “House Calls”

Is your Smart Phone going to replace your doctor soon? A barrage of new Medical Apps gives new meaning to “house calls,” reports CBS4’s Cynthia Demos.


Kids Identity Theft Social Security

Identity Theft A Danger For Kids

The last thing on most parents’ mind this time of year is worrying about having identity thieves steal their children’s personal data to take out credit cards, loans, and even renting homes in their kids’ names. But it’s something that is a growing problem that parents should pay attention to it.



Feds Call Identity Theft And Tax Fraud An Epidemic

The Federal Trade Commission has just released a report showing that the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Metropolitan area was the number one area in the country last year for consumer complaints about Identity theft.



Caller ID Spoofing Scam Gaining Popularity

If you are still getting annoying telemarketing phone calls, it could be because you’ve been spoofed! We discover the newest trick being used to get you to answer your phone.


Federal Trade Commission

FTC Heads To Court Over Travel Scam Targeting Hispanics

The Federal Trade Commission, along with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, has filed court actions against two companies over charges they tricked Spanish audiences into giving away credit card information in exchange for vacations that could never be claimed.


Great Time to Improve Your Credit Scores

With the U-S Economy slowly turning around, and the Recovery apparently improving, now’s a perfect time to consider double checking your Personal Credit Rating and start working to improve it. That’s a good idea now because […]