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After Raucous Debate, GOP's Rowdy 2016 Field Is Back At WorkRepublican Presidential hopefuls hustled back before voters Friday, following the first GOP primary debate the night before.
GOP Presidential Hopefuls To Face Off At 1st Primary DebateThe top 10 leading candidates for the Republican party's nomination in the presidential race are set to face off Thursday evening in the first primary debate.
Freed Marine Speaks Out About Being Jailed In MexicoA marine from Weston who was jailed in Mexico for illegally entering the country with firearms spoke out about his experience.
Allen West Joins Fox NewsFormer U.S. Congressman Allen West will soon be able to add television political contributor to his resume. West is joining Fox News.
Allen West Joining Fox NewsFormer U.S. Representative Allen West made his name with infamous comments like his Joseph McCarthy-like claim that 80 Democrats in Congress were communists and other fiery rhetoric. After several months out of the political sphere, West is coming back with Fox News.
West Stands By Wild Jobs Report ConspiracyThe September jobs report gave President Barack Obama some good news on the economic front a month before the election and it’s spawned a conspiracy theory among conservatives, including Florida Representative Allen West.
George Zimmerman To Martin Family: "I'm Sorry"George Zimmerman is speaking out publicly for the first time since he shot and killed Miami teen Trayvon Martin in February.
Sen. Marco Rubio Throws Support Behind Mitt RomneyRepublican hopeful Mitt Romney picked up a big endorsement from one of his party's rising stars.
Geraldo Rivera: Hoodie Responsible For Trayvon's DeathWhile Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat were tweeting out their support for Trayvon Martin, reporter Geraldo Rivera took to the Fox News Channel to lay blame for the death of Martin on the teenager.
Romney Massively Outspending SantorumAs the Republican presidential nomination campaign is about to hit its stride, the ad wars nationally are coming at a cost and that’s giving Mitt Romney a distinct advantage over his nearest competition, Rick Santorum.
Poll: Obama & Romney In Statistical TieA new poll showed President Barack Obama in a statistical tie with likely GOP-nominee Mitt Romney.
Connie Mack Announces Run For U.S. SenateRepublican Congressman Connie Mack IV will enter the U.S. Senate race seeking to challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, Mack announced on a FOX News' Sean Hannity Show Monday night.
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