Fort Lauderdale International Airport

(Source: CBS4)

Security Increases In S. Fla. Ahead Of 9/11 Anniversary

With the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks just a few days away, the U.S. government said Thursday night that a “specific and credible” threat has been discovered by intelligence officials.


(Source: AP)

Irene Causing Flight Cancellations At MIA

As Hurricane Irene continues to devastate parts of the Caribbean, travelers are feeling the impact to a small degree at South Florida airports.


FAA Plane

FAA Mandates More Air Traffic Controllers

The FAA announced an additional air traffic control will be required on the midnight shift at 27 control towers around the country that are currently only staffed with one controller overnight. The new order will impact two South Florida airports.


United Airlines 757

United Airlines Grounds 757’s

United Airlines grounded 96 Boeing 757 airplanes across the United States late Tuesday to perform maintenance checks.