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LeBron 6th Most Disliked Athlete

Miami Heat star forward LeBron James went from hero to hated when he came to Miami. But after spending a year near the top of the most hated athletes list, LeBron has fallen from the top.


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Something Extra: Miami Miserable?

Believe it or not, Miami was named the most miserable city in the United States today.


Miami skyline at night

Miserable Miami: Worst In The Nation, Magazine Claims

We have some of the best weather in the world, except for hurricanes. We have white sand beaches, when they don’t erode. Glittering nightclubs, if you can afford it. A diverse population, if you can understand them. Lots of people think Miami is a paradise, so why does one poll call us the most miserable city in the nation?


(Source: AP)

Forbes: Miami 3rd Most Expensive City In U.S.

As anyone in South Florida who lives paycheck to paycheck can tell you, South Florida is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Now, Forbes Magazine has provided the proof just how expensive South Florida has become.


Money (Source: MyTV33)

Forbes: Heat 6th Most Valuable NBA Team

The business of running an NBA team can get very complicated, as small market teams over the years have found out. Even for teams like Miami, turning a franchise into a money-maker is tough.


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Forbes: Tallahassee One Of Most Dangerous Cities In U.S.

When you think of dangerous cities in Florida, Miami or Orlando may top your list. But according to Forbes, Tallahassee is the most dangerous city in the Sunshine State.



29 Florida Billionaires, 10 In SoFla, Make Forbes’ List

One of the richest people in South Florida could be your neighbor. Well, maybe not YOUR neighbor, but the the richest man in Florida does live in Miami-Dade, according to the new Forbes 400 ranking of America’s billionaires released Wednesday.


Forbes NFL Value

Dolphins Remain A Billion Dollar Franchise

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an owner in the NFL, you better have more than nine zeros after your name. According to Forbes, the average value for an NFL team is over one billion dollars.


Money Generic

Workers Are Poor While Forbes 500 Prosper

While Governor Rick Scott claims to be making Florida a more business-friendly state, the editors of Forbes have some bad news for the governor.


(Source: CBS)

Forbes Survey: South Florida Is Miserable

According to Forbes Magazine, South Florida sucks. It’s a claim that stretches from Miami, to West Palm Beach, and the magazine thinks things could get worse.





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